Spray Painting

Spray painting can achieve much higher quality paint finishes compared to painting with a paint brush or roller and speed of paint application using a spray gun is almost always considerably faster.

While most types of spray painting equipment are able to spray a wide range of different paints certain coatings are restricted to purpose designed spray painting equipment.

The first point of reference to determine what type of spray painting equipment may be suitable for the paint you intend to spray will be the coating manufacturers product technical data sheet.

A coating manufacturers technical data sheet is a completely different document to a material safety data sheet, MSDS.

Unlike a coatings material safety data sheet, MSDS, a paint technical data sheet will normally provide important information regarding the coatings suggested uses, surface preparation and preliminary coats of paint that may be required such as primers and undercoats.

A paint manufacturers product technical data sheet will usually specify potential application methods such as brush and roller, conventional spray, HVLP spray, airless spray, air assisted spray and or electrostatic spray if applicable.

Paint manufacturers will additionally include relevant spray painting equipment information such as needle nozzle and air cap sizes for air spray painting guns together with suggested atomising air pressures. If airless spray painting equipment is an option the paint technical data sheet may include recommended airless sprayer pump size, suggested airless spray tip size, airless spray hose diameters and typical airless spray atomising air pressures.

Use the information from the paint manufacturers product technical data sheet to determining spray painting equipment that may suit the areas and locations where the spray painting is to take place.

Consult websites of globally represented spray painting equipment manufacturers to identify a short list of spray painting equipment that conforms to the recommendations of the paint manufacturer and will be additionally suitable for the intended spray painting project.

Choosing spray paint equipment from globally represented brand name spray equipment manufacturers should enhance the availability of spare parts and back up service further into the future compared to re-branded OEM spray painting equipment.